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Bonnington Square
London, SW8
To request a viewing, please call Lorna Reed on 07969108829


This wonderful five-bedroom home, with decades of thoughtful and considered renovation by its owners, lies in the historic Bonnington Square; an iconic oasis brimming with nature in the heart of central London. The 'upside down' home is nestled within a circular terrace of restored Victorian houses and tall trees, and with a bright and open living space above three floors of cheerful bedrooms, bathrooms and utility. A private and newly paved garden terrace with views over London sits aloft, whilst a private courtyard garden extends to the rear, bordering the community garden which is enjoyed by all residents.

In the 1970's, this five bedroom Victorian townhouse was unused and marked for redevelopment, along with the entirety of Bonnington Square, having been heavily bombed during WWII. But in came a group of resourceful residents who transformed the houses and saved the square, through a process of diligent and determined self build and restoration.

The house is a complete homage to this story, a living memory of how the square came to be home to the thriving community it is today. It is a treasure trove of beautiful reclaimed furniture, of purposeful design and of intricate and thoughtful spaces.

The house enjoys the use of the Bonnington Square pleasure gardens which sit directly behind it, as well as the Harleyford Road gardens just a stones throw away. It is surrounded by trees, vines and tropical plants planted by members of the Bonnington Square Garden Association to bring inner city living and nature together in harmony.



House Tour

Amongst the greenery of the square is the front door to the house, which opens onto a traditional Victorian corridor and stairs leading to the first floor. Immediately to the right is the first bedroom with views to the street, whilst further along and also on the right is the second bedroom with double patio doors leading to the outside space. The ground floor finishes with a bathroom, and the secondary but fully equipped kitchen with underfloor heating, utility and built in storage space, also with a set of double doors to the private outside space.

Upstairs, the first and second floors each provide a replicated bedroom and bathroom, both with their own private balconies accessed from double doors at the back of each room. The second floor is also home to the master bedroom, with two large sash windows facing the street, and a grand Moroccan style en suite bathroom. No two bedrooms on these floors are adjoining, giving a real sense of privacy and space.

The third floor is the heart of the home, the main kitchen, dining and lounge space as well as access to the rooftop terrace and further study or lounge space in the mezzanine above. The beautifully designed but also practical bench seat with storage that extends the width of the room was designed by furniture designer Luke Pearson, and the roof terrace decking is brand new. The windows throughout the house were installed in 2014 and are all double glazed.

Bonnington Square Pleasure Gardens

The gardens at the centre of the square were formed in the 1994 after being awarded funding form the council, and are now maintained by the residents and community of the square. The garden designers were Dan Pearson and James Frazer, as well as a small team of landscape architects, who were inspired by the Operation Green Thumb community gardens on the lower east side of New York. Once completed, the garden created a renewed sense of pride for the residents; it became an extension of their homes, and brought a renewed life to the square with uses like picnics on the lawn.

A helping hand sculpture sits above the entrance to the gardens, whilst inside there is a play area for children, and a second sculpture, a large industrial wheel that was salvaged from a historical nearby marble factory.

Opposite the gardens is Italo, a wonderful Italian deli selling fresh produce and serving great morning coffee, breakfast and lunch. The Bonnington Cafe is just around the corner, run by local residents, with a wonderful bohemian feel and a delicious vegan menu.

Connectivity & Amenities

The house in Bonnington Square is set apart from the bustle of Vauxhall Cross, but is still just a 5 minute walk from Vauxhall station which sits across the river from the Tate Britain, and where the London Underground, National Rail and bus services all run from, giving Vauxhall a PTAL rating of 6b. The Vauxhall tube stop is on the boundary of zones 1 & 2 and is on the Victoria line, and Waterloo is a single stop away via National Rail.

In the opposite direction, a 10 minute walk away is Oval, home to the Oval cricket ground, tube stop with the northern line, and a wonderful array of bars, pubs and shops. Oval farmers market selling fresh produce and crafts takes place every Saturday in the Georgian church grounds, whilst Cable Cafe and Bar provides a cosy and intimate evening with live jazz on a Tuesday night.

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